F3 Fetal Monitor

With its elegant design, bright color screen, and enhanced functionality, F3 fetal monitor would address the needs of obsterrical departments on both clinics and hostpitals. F3 is amazingly light weight and portable, which makes it suitable for outpatients service. With the lastest texhnologies, F3 offers an extensive set of all the external monitoring parameters such as FHR, TOCO and fetal movements.











Vital Sign Monitor
H100B, M3A.

Patient Monitor
M8B, M50, MFM-CMS, M80.

Fetal Monitor
Cadence, Sonatrax, F3 Fetal monitor.

ECG Recorder

Accessory for monitor

Digital Ultrasound
DUS 60, DUS 8.

Infusion Pump
HX-801B new , HX-801B.

Silicone Manual Resuscitator
Silicone Manual Resuscitator.

Mobile Suction Units
Mobile Suction Units.

Micro Haematocrit Centrifuge
Micro Haematocrit Centrifuge.

Ultrasonic Tabletop Dopler