DUS 8,EDAN's new member of the digital ultrasonic diagnostic imaging systems, not only endeavers to offer the most competitive price, but also focuses on excellent performance: high resolution images, broadbrand and multi-frequency transducers, abundant obstetrics/gynecology siftware packages, dual USB ports, 256-frame cine loop, 56MB build-in image storage forms, etc.,all of which make clinical diagnosis more functional and conve nient.












Vital Sign Monitor
H100B, M3A.

Patient Monitor
M8B, M50, MFM-CMS, M80.

Fetal Monitor
Cadence, Sonatrax, F3 Fetal monitor.

ECG Recorder

Accessory for monitor

Digital Ultrasound
DUS 60, DUS 8.

Infusion Pump
HX-801B new , HX-801B.

Silicone Manual Resuscitator
Silicone Manual Resuscitator.

Mobile Suction Units
Mobile Suction Units.

Micro Haematocrit Centrifuge
Micro Haematocrit Centrifuge.

Ultrasonic Tabletop Dopler